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Lecture 8

Abnormal Psych Lecture 8

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Cont from last weeks classApproaches to cognitive rehab examples of each are belowAdjustment to loss adjust their vision to accommodate their problem Strategy building providing a coping advice like case management to help the person with schizo Train the brain target the problem and ignore the positive things in order to improve the problem Wisconsin Card Sorting Task for last week measures an error of perseverationmistakes where you are mentally stuck demands of the task are changed so you need to adjust to itCase study rosendDiagnosed w schizo treated w 2 generation antipsychotic medication psychotic symptoms in remission Underwent neuropsychological testingFound to have strengths in mental arithmetic and working memory normal verbal skills avg Intellect Participated in IPS individual placement and supports vocational programsubsidize wagesthree month support happens after job is found Job placement in a variety store A week after she was not able to do well in the job bc she had to shift from many different places which she felt too overwhelmedThey used the adjustment to loss approach in order for her to start just at the cash and eventually do more afterwards Three brief videosschizophrenia
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