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Lecture 11

Abnormal Psych Lecture 11

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York University
PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Final exam 100 MC 50 from ch 13 and 5from text lectures and guest speakerHalf from disorders chapters 50 ch 6 7 8 9 11 12 15 17include text lectures and guest speakersNot from questions 1 2 3 4 both text and lectures 13 from lecture text and lecturetext know MMPI as well Be familiar w certain names terms clinical situations diagnosis Three approaches to psychotherapy Rogers Perls and Ellis 1965 Client GloriaPatient of the producer Dr Shostrom Single divorced mother Problem presentation differedWith rogers should she disclose to her daughter that gloria is sexually activeWith Perls they just argueWith Ellis she expresses her frustration about not attracting the kind of men with whom she would like to meet Essential processes of psychotherapy Carl Rogers Rapport is essential based on the first impressionThe therapist shows genuinenessinterviewing tricks will not do since these dont really make you care for the client Unconditional ve regard
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