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Lecture 10

Abnormal Psych Lecture 10

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PSYC 3140
Joel Goldberg

Guest speaker todayChild Pathology Dr Hundert A brief intro to autism and applied behaviour analysis The behaviour institute normally serves children in homes but also in a center based area 1 in 165 children born in ontario have autism What we know about autism No clearly understood cause although it is neurodevelopmental and has a genetic component Not caused by parents prominent theory during the 1960s1970s that parents rejected children and caused the disorder known as the fridge parentspatterns of the autism can arise before the child is even diagnosed No cure or prevention Increasing incidence Can identify by age two yearsThere are many unsubstantiated claims not sure if it works or not of treatment eg Diets sensory integration horse back riding vaccines like using mercuryThere is treatment that works intensive behaviour intervention IBIThe most common type is pervasive disorder NOT Asperger Autism spectrum disorderMost severe autisticpervasiveAspergerPervasive developmental disorderSometimes called classic
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