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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Effects of Stress

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PSYC 3170
Gerry Goldberg

Lecture 7 1 February 28th, 2012 - Ergonomics = human engineer; set up cars properly so people wont get head/neck injuries - Knobs and dials psychology o At home = burners on stoves arranged randomly; knobs indicate which burner turns on o At work = standardize the control panel according to the movement of your arms o Three Mile Island = cooled tap coloured red, warm tap coloured blue - Biopsychosocial model of ergonomics o When found technological changes in workplace, people are upset about it o Hours of use of machines correlated with health complaints (4% variants, attributed to correlation) o Relationship of kind of job and health complaints  Most complaints from clerical staff who just started using computers  Next group had most complaints from clerical staff who had not yet started using computers  Least complaints were professional staff who just started using the computers (news writers) o Reason = computers are replacing clerical staff (secretaries), they are worried to be laid off o Professionals have more control over their work, they use compu
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