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Psyc 3170 Health Psychology Lecture 1 Jan 9.docx

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PSYC 3170
Joseph Baker

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Psyc 3170 Health Psychology Lecture 1 Jan 9 Two Main Points in Health Psyc - We have active role to play in our own health - What we do and think impacts our health What is Health? - According to WHO 1948, “state of complete physical, mental, social well- being” - Health is complete state of well being (bio), mental well being (psycho), social well being (social) - It is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity - Involves shaking up the status quo  Half of children will die before their 8 year, it is nature’s law. Why try to contradict it?  Rousseau Evolution of Activism - Unions - Consumerism - Court award - Technology - Public + workforce changes - Law + public inquires Babylonian Law “Code of Hammurabi” English, German, North American Laws Ontario’s Workmen’s Compensation Act of 1915  Modern laws re: environment, workplace, consumer, transportation health + safety - Inflation/increased costs - Medical research - Commercialized medicine - Cost to society + individual - You are the Champion: If you want better health care, become a better patient”  Hadara Graubart (2007) Agents of Health Activism - They tell us to “watch out!”  Parents, Journalist, politicians, plaintiff’s attorneys, consumerist, union leaders, corporations (against competitor), doctors, health educators safety managers, industries (ie pharmaceutical, cosmetic medicine, protection, health, safety) What we do and Health - Everyday experience - Correlations between lifestyle + longevity - Environmental + occupational medicine  Looked at what people do + its impact on health  Hippocrates: observe the environment of patient  Bernadino Ramazzini (1633-1714): studied disease of tradesmen, added what is your occupation?  Alice Hamilton (1869-1970): lead poisoning among bathtub enamellers  Various profession association + resea
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