PSYC 3170 Lecture Notes - Common Cold, Hans Selye, Classical Conditioning

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28 Nov 2011
24-10-2011 The Placebo Effect, Depression & Stress
basic classical conditioning, if you think it is effective, then the more it will be
works better when people think it is more expensive, also with brand name
“white coat” of the doctor makes a difference, augmenting the effect of the
Understanding provider behaviour, situational determinists and social norms,
“what does your culture say about pills, doctors office and etc. being
Depression referred to as, “Common cold of mental illness.”
In our culture, it is acceptable for women to express their negative feelings
through depression
Depression is third most common health problem
Effects family members, deterioration of quality of life, increased accidents,
breakdown of interpersonal relationships on and off work, heart disease,
suicide, drug use, frequency and severity of physical symptoms
(circle) negative experiences self-focus and self-blame depressed mood
cognitive and behavioural consequences negative experiences..
Depression is a diagnosis, only physicians can actually diagnose it
We have to identify the situation and people who are vulnerable
Women more likely than men to be depressed
Younger workers more susceptible to be depressed
Those who have experiences an injury or trauma
Observable traits:
Mask of depression, drowsiness at work, lack of energy, eating,
frequent absences due to variety of vague physical symptoms, hostile
or impatient behaviours, medication or substance abuse, comments
implying self doubt, excessive day dreaming
Observable effects of antidepressant medication:
Tremor or muscle twitches
Signs of dizziness or loss of consciousness, general confusion and
memory problems
Signs of blurred vision, extreme signs of fatigue, inappropriate
behaviours like excessive horseplay/hyperactivity
Rashes, headaches, nausea
Does the workplace contribute to Depression and suicide?
Depressive behaviour of other people, depression is a contagious disease,
being around someone who is depressed brings you down
Particular toxic agents: aluminum, welders
Poor person-job fit results in depression and also shortness of life
Work conditions resulting in cumulative strain, changes in working conditions
Major contributor to depression
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