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PSYC 3170
Gerry Goldberg

thJanuary 17 2012Health Psychology Lecture 3ending of lecture 2Masters and Johnsons behavioral therapy for sexual problemsFocus on sociocultural deprivation and ignorance of sexual physiology Focus on relationship as a whole Systematic DesensitizationPrescribed specific sexual exercisesFocus on pleasure no pressureModern Sex EducationMJ Seeing parents and other comfortable with sexSex education how it is being taught in elementary classroom Four Concepts Selfawareness what is happening explaining sex to kids earlier Physiological talking about body parts Reproductive talking about sex and how to reproduce Family where families come from Hilary Clinton says takes a village New Slide ShowAttitudes influencing what people do and think IKEA LECTUREIdea we have about humans that we find to be in human no such thing as attitudeDEFN a general and enduring positive or negative feeling about some person object or issue ATTITUDES vs BELIEFBelief is information we hold about a person object or placeWhy we study attitudes To help us get a summary of overall beliefs and is useful because it helps to predict a behavior Elaboration Likelihood Model ELM
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