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Autistic Savant Syndrome.pdf

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PSYC 3230
James Alcock

Autistic Savant Syndrome Monday, January 28, 2013 11:00 AM THE BOY WITH THE INCREDIBLE BRAIN - Daniel - Can work with big numbers and any numbers in his head - Also a wizard with words, knows 9 languages and says he can learn to speak a new one in just a week. - Orlando can recall calendar dates and weather for each day after an accident - As a child, Daniel cried non-stop till the age of 2, was only soothed by repetitive, constant swaying side to side. - did not integrate well with other children - Can see any number up to 10,000 as a distinct shape or image, or experience a certain emotion o “synesthesia” - One criterion missing to warrant diagnosis is it’s not getting in the way of his usual life - Dane is also a savant - he can draw extremely well - he can describe what’s going on inside his head -
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