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Anxiety DisordersThe Complexity of Anxiety Disordersanxiety complex and mysterious Definition mood state characterized by marked negative affect and bodily symptoms of tension in which a person apprehensively anticipates future danger and misfortune Related to fear is panic attack where we propose is fear that occurs when there is nothing to be afraid of and therefore at an inappropriate timeAnxiety Fear and Panic Some DefinitionsAnxiety can be a subjective sense of unease a set of behaviours or a physiological response originating in the brain and reflected in elevated heart rate and muscle tension Closely related to depression Moderate amount of anxiety is good for us Social physical and intellectual performances are driven and enhanced by anxiety Howard Liddell proposed the idea when he called anxiety the shadow of intelligence thought the human ability to plan in some detail for the future was connected to that gnawing feeling that things could go wrong and we had better be prepared for them Why anxiety is a futureoriented mood state TOO MUCH Too much of a good thing can be harmful and few sensatio
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