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Vinod Goel

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Lec 5 MemoryTuesday May 27 2014932 PM Class 5 Memory Domains PerceptionCategorization differentiating between classical account and current psychological theories We are not concerned with the physical instantiation of the Turing machineHas to do with the organizational structure of information in the cognitive system Encoding involves storage and processing Function of memory is to store info and make it available at a later time but also to forget information It is a selective system We select information abstract it and store it Desirable properties Accuracy and speed of recall Temporal organization Iconic memorySensory memory modality specific very short duration milliseconds info unprocessed Working Memory when the information goes into working memory there is processing Only the information is retained Computational work arena of limited capacity chunking short duration in the absence of rehearsal Capacity 72 items May actually be 5 2 Chunking refers to grouping together Temporal duration on the order of 10 secondsCoding involves a structure and a procedure Longterm Memory Effect of serial position on recall first and last items are recalled most effectivelyWorking memory is the material you are working with at any particular time This model based on the laboratory tasks that were studied
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