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PSYC 3290
Raluca Barac

Ch. 4 Perception of Language Thursday, January 24, 208:55 AM • Carries emotion Lecture Notes Page 1 Liquid: l, r Glide: w Bilabial: Two lipscoming together Liquids& Glides: Minimal contact anywhere in the mouth, very close to being a vowel Lecture Notes Page 2 • Based on research on our brains, we shouldn't be able to talk Lecture Notes Page 3 • Phonetics is the study of linguistic sounds • Phonology is the study of linguistic sounds in the context of language they occur in Lecture Notes Page 4 • McGurkEffect • GanongEffect Lecture Notes Page 5 Lecture Notes Page 6 Lecture Notes Page 7 Lecture Notes Page 8 Studyby Molfeseet al. (2000) • 48 children followed from birth through 8 years of age • Children were tested within 36h of their birth and then every year until 8 • ERPs to speech and non-speech sounds-- phonetic discrimination abilities (e.g., /bi/, /gi/) • Finding: Amplitudeand latency measures of ERP components recorded at birth discriminatedwith 81.25% accuracy among three groups of children identified as normal, poor, or dyslexic readers based on reading and IQ scores obtained at 8 years of age
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