PSYC 3310 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Overcoat, Skilled Worker, Snow Goose

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27 May 2012

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Techniques pioneered by fbis behavioural science unit , quantico, virginia, 1970s: relatively new only 40 years or so. Few criminal profiling jobs: approximately 12 in the u. s. , maybe one in canada. Training controlled by law-enforcement in the us and canada: psychology has very little to do with a criminal profiling background. Profilers mostly psychologists in uk and netherlands. To solve mis-matches: between physical information from crime scene with characteristics of specific suspect. Pregnant wife & 2 young children brutally clubbed and stabbed. Cyril wecht: physical evidence fit, psychological profile did not. Edmund kemper (very smart serial killer, iq of 136) Ted bundy charming man who is able to talk extremely well, can lie well. Just because they say something, does not necessarily mean it"s true. Less than 50% from largely intact families (some dysfunctionality) Iq scores: 20% less than 90, 50% within normal range, 30% greater than.