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Lecture 3

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PSYC 3350
Francois Lalonde

thLecture 3 January 19Suicide in Sri Lanka1995 Sri Lankaworld record for suicide deaths no psychologists no support for behavioural research no systematic studies of this epidemicEnvy Sinhala irishiyavaShame Sinhala lajjaMethod lessons learned o Empty your head o Empty your briefcaseuse the methodological tools within the cultural contexto Question the ethics process o Methods anthropologyqualitative psychology interviewsdeep hanging outEmerge yourself in a different culture ie learning the languageWho should we StudyPopulations for which you have theoretical reasons to predict certain responsesIf 2 or more populations of interest they should vary on a meaningful cultural variableIssues with Comparing CulturesMust understand the cultural norms and practices of the cultures being studied especially in relation to the psychological phenomenon in question o If not researchers risk drawing conclusions based on faulty information and assumptionsSuch understanding is accomplished through use of ethnographies foreign collaborators and immersion culture of interest o Combination of these methods is ideal o One way to immerse yourself into another culture is to read a lot of fiction that is written by authors of that particular groupculturenovelists bring things to lifeNeed for methodological equivalencemethods for researching needs to be the same from culture to culture standardized o Ensure methods are understood in identical ways across cultures o Some cultures may not understand process of completing psychological surveysMay require researchers to use slightly different methods with different cultures especially drastically different cultures Most crosscultural studies have contrasted convenience samples university students living in industrialized countries WEIRD o Do these results generalize to other samples on those same countries ie do results from Taiwan generalize to Taiwanese students in Canada o Such studies are assumed to represent conservative tests of cultural differences o If samples which share many features ie university students differ in their psychology it is expected that samples with fewer shared experiences would differ even moreIssues with Comparing Cultures using SurveysCultural appropriateness o Is the variable under study an etic universal or emic culturespecific construct o Is the variable too sensitive for study Abortion homosexuality rape torture o Attitudes towards rape victimsit would do so some good to be rapedMany women who report rape are lying because they are angry or want revenge on the accusedTranslations
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