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Lecture 4

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PSYC 3350
Francois Lalonde

thDevelopment and Socialization January 26Humans have the ability of perspectivetalking which allows them to engage in cultural learningCultural learning from othersthrough othersCulture seems quite unique to humansSocialization process by which people learn rules and patterns of societyEnculturation products of socialization processes psychological aspects of culture that become internalized through developmentSocializationenculturation agents people institutions and organizations that ensure socialization and enculturation o Parents siblings other family friends school churchWhere were you sleeping as a 2year oldOwn bedroom or shared with siblingmajority of classOwn bed in parents bedroomsmall amountParents bedeven lessInfants live in different cultures tooSleeping arrangements vary across culturesWhy it would be good for infants to be provided with their own roomWhy it would be good for infants to share the bed with their mother Shweder et al 1995Indian and American adults decided how family members could be arranged in the bedrooms of a houseIn a 3 bedroom houses how would you arrange a mother a father two daughters aged 14 and 3 and three sons aged 15 11 and 8option chose by all of the American respondents Justifications revealed some common underlying moral concernsBoth Indians and Americans incest avoidanceIndian concerns protection of the vulnerable female chastity anxiety and respect for hierarchyAmerican concerns Sacred couple and Autonomy idealBabies and their mothersOne big source of differences in socialization undoubtedly comes from infants interactions with their mothers
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