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Lecture 2

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York University
PSYC 3350
Francois Lalonde

LECTURE 2 Jan 12The Evolution of CultureWhere does culture come fromCultural ideas and norms dont necessarily emerge to address universal problemsthey result from cultural learningCultures are fluid and dynamic and in most cases will change over timeChanging norms regarding blowing your nose spitting farting burping Human TimelineHuman evolution 1 million years o Homo sapiens 150000200000 o Origin in Africa o Archaeologists can extract mitochondrial DNA from fossilized bones which can better narrow dates and timelines for the origin of humanityAgricultural revolution o 10000 years agoIndustrial Revolution o 1750 ADAfter the Ice AgeDifferent societies emerged o Some literateIndustrial o some illiterateagricultural o some hunter gathererretaining stone toolsFertile CrescentMesopotamiao Stable food source of animals and plantsCultural evolutionspreading of ideasIn Eurasia there is a geographical advantage o Things move from east to west whereas in North America or Africa for example there is a northsouth orientationBest plants for domestication o 5000 years earlier than AmericasBest animals for domesticationEastWest orientation o Climate similar o Crops spread easily o Cultural ideas spread more easily o More time for inventivenessEurasian easily conquered other continents Plants wheat barley peas lentilsAnimals sheep goats pigs donkeys cowsAdvantages of Agricultural SocietiesMore food so more peopleTechnology development
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