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Lecture 1

PSYC 3420 Lecture 1: Lecture #1

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PSYC 3420
Krista A Phillips

Lecture #1: Evolutionary Psychology In biology, the evolutionary approach is a over arching approach that allows people from different psychology fields communicate and share ideas. If something happens in genetics, it has implications in other disciplines such as anatomy, etc. Although is psychology, we don’t have a shared paradigm; often our textbooks are very disjointed. What we do have in psychology, are multiple theoretical approaches that are all used to evaluate the same observations. Evolutionary psychology is a relatively new principle that applies Darwinian theory to other theoretical frameworks in the study of the mind and behavior. Psychology as a science was born at about the same time that Darwin wrote the Origin of Species. Psychology has been very aloof to Darwin’s work in particular. It certainly has its origins in a branch of evolutionary history called, Ethology: a study of animals in their natural habitat. Ethologists focus on what we call instincts. Achieved scientific prestige in the early 70’s when their colleagues won Nobel prizes. Evolutionary psychology has been strongly influenced by a field called Sociobiology. It uses new ideas and new methods of studying animal’s social behavior. What was new in this field, was to understand evo
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