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Lecture 2

PSYC 3430 Lecture 2: PSYC 3430 May 16 lec 2

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PSYC 3430
Peter K.Papadogiannis

PSYC 3430 May 16: 2 Main theories of personality: 1. Trait theory: people differ based on stable attributes ('traits') --> FOR TEST: know how they are similar + different -both use items that give you a question -both have options for you to reply to the item -both assessments will have an item above you both internally and ___ -compare you to another sample group (info about you -> age, gender, ethnicity --> from these things you get compared to another sample group of the same categories) ---> from this they look at your personality traits and how they compare to the sample 2. Type theory: people can be sorted into categories (either one type or the other) -type assessment gives you 2 options ---> TRUE or FALSE ---> YES or NO --> NO COMPARISON HERE, they take your answers on tests and give you a classification. FOR TEST: need to know SCALES, and which scales are similar + which ones are different Must memorize how they compare to each other The Big Five: OCEAN: Openness to experience Conscientiousness Extraversion Agreeableness Neuroticism eg. NEO, CPI, 16PF --> Page 102 of textbook O: 40th-60th percentile, most people are average in personality associated with how an individual collects data and how they use data (ex. data in groups that you're a part of, from reading a chapter, reading a test) data is data. Someone with high Openness : more flexible/adaptable with data (at higher levels known as CREATIVE, or Factual --> what they see is what they get). We all have this attribute, where is score is what your preference is. Pen example: low openness tells you its a retractable pen high openness tells you that you can use it as a weapon, use it to extend your height to help you point on blackboard. C: planful and structured you are. The more you're planned and structured the more conscientiousness you are Extraversion score: when you're energy's low, you communicate and talk and get energy from other people. When you need energy you go to other people. ex. coaches and their players. DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN YOURE NOT EXTRAVERTED IF YOURE SHY. --> If you're shy and don't want to talk
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