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Lecture 3

PSYC 3430 Lecture 3: PSYC 3430 May 18 lec 3

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PSYC 3430
Peter K.Papadogiannis

PSYC 3430 May 18: MSCEIT: Ability model of Emotional intelligence: --> Measures 4 different scales *** EXAM ** KNOW 4 DIFF SCALES 1 at the top: Perceiving (used to be identifying) : how you perceive your own emotions and emotions of others 2 Facilitating thought: how do you after perceiving emotions, place the emotion in the right context 3: Understanding: the finer components of emotions 4: Manage: your emotions and the emotions of other people ^ All 4 microlevel assessments ^ Microcomponents V Mesocomponents Group Assessments: -- Group environmental questionnaire (GEQ) -- Campbell Organizational Survey (COS) -- Benchmark of Organizational Emotional Intelligence (BOEI) EXAM: Sociometry: also a method that has microlevel components BUT how its displayed has structural components for small groups Research technique created by Jacob Moreno that graphically summarizes patterns of inter member relations --> Who do you like? What is your experience with that person? Disadvantage of Self Report Tests: These will change and affect reliability and validity 17:00 -- Social Desirability -- Faking "Good" --> Overly positive impression, like a job interview (trying to look better, leave a positive impression) -- Faking "Bad" --> They lower -- Random Responding --> Tight on time, tend to use 1 or 5s, not accurate timing. ** EXAM ** Hierarchy of Needs: Maslow --> Memorize name and model of motivation (hierarchy of needs) --> 5 diff stages -basic needs (need to be met before we can move onto higher needs) -higher needs -The top: Self Actualization BOTTOM (All on slides): Physiological needs: hunger and thirst Safety Needs: free organized and predictable Belongingness and love needs: Need to be loved and to love, need to avoid loneliness and alienation Esteem Needs: Self esteem, achievement, competence & independence Self Actualization needs: Need to live put to one's fullest & unique potential ** Sometimes #3 becomes your #1 When does a mother not eat? --> The love factor is enough to keep you from eating and forgetting about safety Dani's story: info on slides BUT: Cognitively and academically Dani is in Grade 2, she is lacking greatly in those 2 fields. Do humans prefer solitude or membership in groups? ---> Baumeister et al : A series of 'life only'/rejections studies THEORY Kipling Williams - Ball toss experiments People after being excluded, their self worth decreases --> A
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