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women and work

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Welcome • Test next week in this room • Chapters 6-10 • Multiple choice – textbook, (75%) • Written answers, based on the lectures, textbook and handout (25%) – Study your PowerPoint slides and study the information in the text related to the slides. Today‟s class • Comments on Test One written answers • Finish “Motherhood” • Women and men and Work Issues in the Workplace • What jobs are never done by women? • What types of jobs do men and women do? – Men • … • ... – Women – Children‟s Books • changing? • songs IF THEY AREN‟T PAID, IS IT STILL WORK? • Crawford & Unger (2000) • “What is your present status…?” p. 394 • Contradictions of the homemaker role  “Homemaker works full time in an unpaid job that is low in status, especially in comparison to the idealized image of the „career woman.‟…p.394  Who does the housework?  Is housework really shared? • Although gender changes have been seen, housework and child related care still is largely the responsibility of women (York Longitudinal Study)  Study by Blair & Lichter (1997). p. 395 Women do more housework More psychologically stressful When women work outside the house  Proportion of total work done by men increases because women are doing less because of work time  Only more done by the men otherwise when egalitarian views are shared – Is Housework Easy? • What do you think is the comparison in hours spent in housework now as opposed to 1900?  Is Housework Trivial?  It is often accorded little value within individual families  Devaluation also evident at the societal level  Not listed as an occupational title  Monetary value not computed into the gross national product  Homemaking ranked at the same level of complexity and skill as a parking lot attendant  What do women think?  Worth? Job description?  Over $100, 000  Concerns about not bringing in income  But – also freedom to make own schedules-pursue other interests-care for family  Househusbands The Two-Person Career – Women or men‟s unpaid work benefits their partner‟s career development (Most often the female partner performs the unpaid work but it can be the male partner at times  Situations where wives are unofficial (and often unacknowledged) contributors to their husband‟s work – Corporate wives (occasionally husbands)  Politicians wives – Types of responsibilities – Rewards BUT! Very occasionally legally recognized –It‟s Her Job Too Canadian farm wife Tragic ending Women in the Paid Workplace • The Wage Gap – In general – Bar Chart (Nelson, 2006, p. 229) • Part-time work – From Gender in Canada (Nelson, 2006 pp237-238) • Proportion increased 100% between 1976 and 2000 • In 2000, almost 1/5 of the paid workforce worked part-time • Women represent 70% of part-time workers • Types • advantages • disadvantages • Women in the Paid Workforce • Sex Segregation and sex stratification  Few jobs where the proportion of men and women is about equal  Men‟s jobs  Women‟s jobs  E.g., types of items sold  Women in fast food, men as waiters or chefs in expensive restaurants  Why do you think this is so?  May have overall equal ratio of women and men but remain segregated at the level of the individual workplace or task (England et al, 1987) • Men‟s work as defi
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