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PSYC 3480
Erin Ross

6262013 110000 AMGender Stereotypes How can you do genderA way of accomplishmentYou perform to the scriptsSEX on the other hand is biological organs which determine a male or female Gender male or female is behaving to the social scripts of a sex It is performance and perception in the context of a sex Doing gender is the space between two genders Common conceptions of masculinity and femininityGender stereotypeThe beliefs that we associate with females and males These thoughts may not correspond to reality Behaviors that are consistent with a stereotype of a sex Matlin pg 36Occupational categories of male and femaleEvents are here as wellViewing them as labels masculine or feminine in a culture They are culturally given They are descriptive and proscribed for a given gender Ie Expected or required of Descriptive or proscriptive Describing fashion in a global way of gender and conceptsHow have psychologists looked at th4ese concepts 21 Single Factor ModelsSingle factor or dimension on One end is masculine other is feminine As you move left to right you lose one masculinity and gain femininity Males should score masculineFemales should score feminineMasculineFeminineIf youre in the middle it means youre considered Latent homosexualMMPItheres a subscale called MF assessing gendersexo True and false questions about the gender such as I enjoy playing power tools Used by govt to screen out potential security threats
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