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PSYC 3480 - Lecture 1 (detailed notes from the in-class video)

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PSYC 3480

PSCY 3480Lecture 1 Monday January 9 2012 Chapter 1Introduction Feminist psychologytheoretical connections or theories that have been developed in womens studies The psychology of women is concerned with the lives and experiences of womenPsychology of women courses are more common than psychology of men courses Gender psychologysocial and biological processes that create differences How do gender differences or gender similarities come about Sexbiological structure biological perspective Has to do with males and females being different in terms of anatomy genetics and reproductive functionsGender is a psychological construct and has to do with the meanings that society has used to guide males and females Biological differences do NOT lead to gender differences Gender differences are constructed by societyDoing Genderrefers to how we express our gender with our interactions with each other in societyHow men and women express their gender when they are talking with each otherBody languageo Greetings handshakesPitch of voice women raise pitch when talking to menMales with malestalk louderFemales are more tentative The extent of Social BiasesSexismRacismClassismAbleismHeterosexismSexual PrejudiceAgeism In what ways are you positioned in society with privilege or without privilegePhysically attractiveMost of us believe to some extent each sex has a privilege You should try to identify ways to make a difference social justice Dominant Group vs Marginalized Group could be in terms of race age sex etc
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