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16 Apr 2012
Lecture 3 Women‟s psych 1/19/2012 8:08:00 AM
Gender related research
Just because we don‟t find a difference that does not mean your
research is in vain it means there are similarities
o Statistical significance
o Practical significance
It makes sense
Effect Size
o Number of participants and the difference between two
Theme One-Psychological Differences are typically small and
Theme Two People react differently to Men and Women
o Also boys and girl
Theme Three Women are less visible than Men in Many Important
Areas (politics, heads of companies)
Theme Four Women Vary Widely from each other, as do men
Theoretical Perspectives
What is a theory?
o An idea, a thought
Why is it important to know the theory?
Because behaviour is based on belief
Theoretical perspectives on gender identification
People we are talking about looked at societies at which women had
second class places and asked Why?
For example
o Psychoanalytic theories
Say things about women and men, they say men are
smarter, more moral.
How did they come to these conclusions?
Impact on women and men
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The impact is more important than the
Theoretical Perspectives of Gender Identification
Perceptions of Women
o Psychoanalytic/Identification
o Evolutionary
o Social Structural Cultural
o Social learning
o Cognitive Developmental
o Gender Schema
o Social interactional theories
Perceptions of Women
o All sorts of ways we read about this talking about intelligence,
morality etc
o Examination if men and women are equal
Ancient writings
o We get our ideas from old writings
o Eve was not the first woman
o Bible said man and woman were created equally
o There are two recounting of the origin of humans
First one men and women are equal
Second one men are more dominant
o Greek philosophy first had high regards for female
philosophers but as time went on they came to distain the
o In the early church there were women bishops and as time
went on they weren‟t allowed to take part in services
Change from equality to inequality, Why?
As defective man
o Women are defective men
o Theories that men and women are opposites of each other
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Canadian History
o Some of the first people who came to Canada were women,
self sustained nuns but as time went on they lost ability to
Equal/Unequal Similar/Different
o Perception of women in our society is still changing
o Instead of talking about equal unequal we should be talking
about similarities and differences
Studied because of the effect it has on women (and men) - not
because it is valid
Talk about identifying either about the mother or the father
o theories built with patients
o role of the unconscious - unconscious motivation
o had impact on all of society
o ID basic wants/needs
o EGO cant have it
o Superego conscious
o He had a very negative view of women
Believed that women were
less intelligent than men
less moral than men
o Why less intelligent?
Believed women had only one role in life: bare children
and care for them
o Why less moral?
Boys and girls when they are young they identify with
their mother and as time goes on they begin to love
their mother. Freud said boys want to be with their
mother however they soon realize that the father will
castrate him.
o Males then identified with father‟s maleness
And distain the mother and all females
Psychic battle going on in the brain --- superego is born
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