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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 – Women’s psych.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

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Lecture 5Womens psych 272012 62900 PM Welcome This week Chapter 6 Personality comparisons Chapter8 Lifestyles Feb 17 you will be studyingChapter 7 Women and WorkHow do stereotypes relate to the thworkplaceThe handout will be given out in class Feb 17Gender Comparisons in Social and Personality Characteristics Far more similarities Very few significant differenceseven those significant differences are very smallOften said Aggression and Nurturance BUTNOWFactors that can influence the size of gender differences confounds o Size of perceived differences can appear to be larger than they really areSocial Factors Related to Size of Gender Differences in Social and Personality Characteristics1 Gender differences are largest when behavior is measured in terms of selfreport o Not because people are trying to lie but they have a tendency to want to show themselves in a good lightso they may exaggerateWomen may show themselves more prone to nurture because thats what they are supposed to be doing2 Gender differences are largest when other people are present o Expected to act a in a certain wayo People act In a way society expects them to act 3 Gender differences are largest when gender is prominent and other shared roles are minimized4 Gender differences are largest when the behavior requires specific genderrelated skills Types of Research1Longitudinal Studies o same group of people over a different period of time StrengthsConsistent ProblemsSample size smaller Rehearsal problems People drop outTime consumingPeople can change over time Very expensive 2Boxscore or countingo take a bunch of studies and look at how many women scoredhow many men scoredo StrengthsDead easyo ProblemsWhen you use it to make a conclusion you are not taking into consideration the sample size of the studies you have collectedunless you know how many people are in the study it does not mean anything 3 Metaanalysis o makes use of effect size which answers the problem of the box score a statistic d which gives you a number that takes into consideration how many people are in the study and what the difference between menwomen is o problemhow do you pick the studies to go into the meta analysis should randomly select themGender Similarities HypothesisWhat it is o Hypothesis is that there is far more similarities between malesfemales than differences Uses effect sizes and metaanalysisInterpretation Helping Behaviours
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