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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Women and Work.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Lecture 6 1 November 1st, 2011 Lifestyles - We are mostly in a single relationship as a student Intimate Relationships - Definition = sexual relationship - Anul = after ceremony, still be anual (not official) – because they still never had sexual affair Types of Lifestyles - Legally marriage - Single - Widowhood - Divorced - Common-law Partner Selection (1) Past Research - Psychological factors = companionship, romantic ideas - Gender differences = did women/men look at things differently in a relationship? - Dating = going out and having fun, not commitment - Long-term relationships = are things you look for different? Research on Partner Selection Study by Deux & Hanna - Had grad students reviewed 800 advertisements - Divided into 4 groups - Then coded for present/absent words - Results were reasonably stable - Men: talk about beauty - Women: psychological aspects (loyalty, sincerity) o Hetero: financial security, occupation o Lesbian: own sincerity, interests/hobbies More Recent Study by Erich Goode - Made up 4 advertisements - Results: more answered to beautiful waitress and successful male lawyer - Implications? o Women may be more interested in financial security, looking beyond attractiveness - Both gender: ideal partner as warm romantic sensitive (beyond attractiveness/financial security) - Possible problem with using this research? o Leading a stereotype o All based on personal advertisement on paper (cant generalized to people who don’t read these advertisement) – small proportion of the population Dating Partner/Long-term Relationship Partner - Characteristics for sexual/dating partners = same hobby, no attachment, physical attractiveness Lecture 6 2 November 1st, 2011 - Characteristics for long-term relationship = same value, attractiveness, financial, stability, loyalty - Gender differences? o Men value attractiveness more than women o Both look for sincerity and value Long-Term Relationships - Life-long partners Common-Law - Length and time that you live together, in an intimate relationship - Length living together changes – but usually it’s a year - How long together is because for benefits - Time doesn’t matter if you have children Legal Marriage - Has a marriage contract, has a marriage license that government gives - Must have witnesses to the marriage - Any consents? No objectives? - Someone to perform the ceremony (licensed by the state) o Captain of the ship can marry anyone without a license Similarities - Intimacy - Both living together - They can have children - Sharing finances - Get benefits Why do people get into a relationship? - Companionship - Dependency - They are in love Differences - Don’t have legal contract - When the relationship ends o Marriage = must get a legal divorce o Common-law = get legal separation and judge depends who get the children - In case of death? Why legally marry? - Religions/traditions - Offers more stability - Pressure from families - A main reason from common law to marriage legally = wanting to have children legal - Lecture 6 3 November 1st, 2011 Same sex/Lesbian Relationships/Marriages - Marriage now legal in
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