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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Physical and Mental Health.docx

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PSYC 3480
Noreen Stuckless

Lecture 8 1 November 22nd, 2011 Physical and Mental Health Sex Differences - Women see doctor more than men; receive more therapy - Surgical procedures performed more on women o Things can be detected more because women visit the doctors more o Women: plastic surgery, C-section (gender appropriate things being done) - Women might not be sicker than men o Respond to cues differently Physical and mental health are not mutually exclusive Gender and Physical Health - Only male used to die from heart disease, not women can die from it too - Liver cancer = male disease (because of alcohol) – women die from it too - Lung cancer = male disease – women do too General Health Variables - Weight - Age - Eating habits - Social class - Lifestyle - Exercise - Education level - Genetics Specific health concerns and illnesses - Blood pressure - Cholesterol - Obesity/weight - Diabetes - Cancers - Reproductive difficulty Cardiac Health - Women are equally likely to have cardiac problems - BUT – women have different symptoms (might not be recognized) o Digestive feeling o Pains in the left jaw, pains in the back o Abdominal pain, nausea o Denial of heart attack because of diff symptoms, so might not get treated quickly - Medication: aspirin - Women 40% less likely diagnosed as high risk Lecture 8 2 November 22nd, 2011 nd 2 study - Gender differences in treatment Breast Cancer - 10% men have breast cancer - There’s a gene that 80% of those who has it will have breast cancer - When women found out that they had this gene, what could they do? o Check more often o Have breasts surgically remove, even if they do not have breast cancer just to prevent o Avoid excess radiation o Lifestyle changes – stop smoking, stop alcohol, eat better - Causes: o HRT, high-fat diets, smoking, alcohol consumption - Detection: o Have mammography annually – cancer screening/breast examination o Mammography = take picture of breast and squish it as small as possible - Problems for men: o Refused health insurance because it was only for women o Harder to catch in men because they do not get breast examination o Stigmatization, lack of support o Late diagnosis - Treatment: o Hormone therapy: tamoxifen – can only have it for 5 years Other Cancers - Lung cancer: women increases because they smoke more now o Detection/treatment is n
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