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York University
PSYC 3490
Rebecca Jubis

PSYC3495 – Neuro of Aging 9/12/2012 10:30:00 AM LECTURE 2 – 12/Sept/12  Term Paper: programs, activities etc. designed to help with cognitive health in older adulthood o Use headings for the 4 categories o APA style o Friendship/ social support for aging?? CHAPTER 1 – Intro to Aging and Older Adulthood  Psychological age: level of maturity, engagement in activities, causes, and belief systems o Flexibility, and not set in predictable ways  Social age: deviation away from social norms (eg. 80 year old in school) Perspectives on the Aging Process:  Non-normative aging o Illness, functions impacted, rapid decline in functions, etc.  Normative  Successful  Positive Theoretical Models of Aging:  Ecological Model of Aging o Eg. Environment makes person react a certain way o Change in speed of processing o Change in behaviour o Can change your affect, therefore leads to functional change (physically can’t do as much) o The best is when environmental press is just a little more challenging than personal comfort o Need to avoid disuse: too much competence in the environment of too little push  Selective Optimization with Compensation Model of Aging (SOC Model) o Gains and losses ratio through aging  Gain ratio: learning new information, new experiences  Through lifespan, opportunities for gains diminishes  Gain:Loss ratio shifts towards loss thru aging  Gains changes as well thru aging (eg. Knowledge, finances, social status, etc.)  After developing a repertoire, there may be a case of misuse, which is bad for aging o SOC in assistive technology development  Net resources release  Costs have to be less than gains  Technology should free up resources rather than consume resources  Person specifity  Technology should adapt to different individuals  Proximal vs. distal evaluation  Need to eva
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