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How to give a talk

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PSYC 3525
Josee Rivest

How to give a talk Tuesday, March 26, 2013 1:14 PM Generalrules 1. Establish who is the audience; prepare to talk to them 2. Respect the time limit given (in this case: 12 minutes) 3. Know the room and technology associated with it 4. Use stress reduction strategies 5. Announce the end of your talk (e.g. show Acknowledgment; say Thank You) 6. State the take-home message clearly at the beginning and at the end of the talk Qualitiesof good “slides:” • Use point forms and telegraphic language • All information on a “slide” must be necessary and used (nothing should remain unsaid and unclear) • Use ONLY high-resolution material (e.g. font 18 points or larger; high-contrast stimuli –light background & dark letters or vice-versa) • Pretty/snazzy effects should not distract; they should help get the message • Keep parallel structure and style • Resist the temptation to cram more information on a slide than PowerPoint slide formats suggest, or to continue one issue over several slides. Instead, cut down your points so that they fit comfortably
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