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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

CREATIVITY LECTURE 2: JANUARY 16TH, 2013 ➔ Video Lecture from last week on TED by Sir Ken Robinson-Teaching for Creativity ◦ Evidence of human creativity ◦ We have no idea what will happen in the future ◦ Everyone has an interest in education ▪ Education goes deep with people such as money and religion ◦ No one has a clue what the future will be like and yet children are being educated to be prepared for a future that is unpredictable. ◦ All children have talents ◦ Creativity is as important in education as literacy and they should be treated with the same status. ◦ Children are not frightened of being wrong ▪ If you are not prepared to be wrong you will not be able to form something original ◦ We stigmatize mistakes ◦ All children are born artists ▪ Instead of growing into creativity we grow out of it as we are educated further ◦ Every education system includes the same subjects all around the world ▪ There is no education system that teaches dance as much as we teach mathematics to a child. Why? ◦ Parents telling their children things like do not do music you will go no where in life. ▪ It is wrong to do this ▪ Hiding talents ◦ More people world wide will be graduating with an education ◦ Degrees in the past would get you a job and now a days you get a degree and it is not good enough ▪ Academic inflation ◦ Intelligence ▪ Dynamic ▪ Interactive ▪ Brain divided into compartments ▪ Different ways of seeing things ▪ Distinct (epiphany-how one discovered their talent) ◦ Example: girl in the 30's could not stop moving. Today she would have been said to have ADHD. Instead of the doctor putting her on medication and asking her to calm down they put her in a dance school and she is now famous and successful. ◦ The gift of the human imagination ▪ Use wisely ▪ Discover creative capacities ▪ Help children form their whole being and make something of their future is out task ➔ Video: Animated Lecture by Sir Ken Robinson: Our Systems of Education
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