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Lecture 3


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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

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CREATIVITY PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE 3: JANUARY 16TH, 2013 ➔ Video: Creative Beginnings ◦ Creativity killers ▪ 3 /4 grade children start to dislike school • Surveillance • Evaluation • Reward • Competition ◦ The four creativity killers ◦ This only applies to children ▪ Example: give a lot of money to an adult and they get very creative ➔ Children ◦ Scheduled ◦ No time to relax and find their own rhythm ◦ Need a change in environment ▪ Need a place where they learn to make choices ▪ Need to account for the variety of talents children contain • Example: hands on activities (learn how to draw a picture and put it on a projector) ➔ Achild's job is to PLAY ➔ Parents criticize ◦ Examples of exaggeration: ▪ The sun is yellow not black ▪ The flower is bigger than the people • This hinders creativity • Children have the right to the freedom of expression ➔ Children are starved for experience (want to touch, look, and have responsibility) ◦ Children using pieces of food as toys → they are playing ➔ Howard Gardner ◦ Authority of psychological creativity ◦ Formed the 8 intelligences (8 different human abilities) ▪ Spatial ▪ Mathematical ▪ Verbal ▪ Naturalistic ▪ Interpersonal ▪ Interpsychic (knowing yourself). Should emphasize with cli
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