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Lecture 5

PSYC 3550 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: The Leaves

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PSYC 3550
Jennifer Hunter

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Lecture 5- The Creative Person: Affect Mood and
The leaves are falling
It is getting darker now
Halloween is here
Mood- an experience of affect in the moment, which lacks object
directedness (not directed towards a specific stimulus)
3 Dimensions of Mood
o Valence/Hedonic Tone: positive, negative
o Activation/Arousal: how physiologically arousing the emotion is
o Regulatory Focus:
Promotion Focus (approach motivation)
Nurturance, Moving towards a goal, Obtaining a
Excitement, anger
Prevention Focus (avoidance motivation)
Survival, Safety, avoiding punishment
Fear, calm
Baas et al. Meta-analysis
Positive moods would induce more creativity than negative or neutral
states, which in turn would also be different from each other
All activating moods would elicit more creativity
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