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Lecture 10

PSYC 3550 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Fluid And Crystallized Intelligence

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PSYC 3550
Jennifer Hunter

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Creativity in Daily Life
Big Cvs. little “c”
Big-C focuses on highly talented individuals and large-scale achievements
Little-c focuses on the average person’s creative hobbies and activities
Method: experience sampling
o Allowed participants to choose their preferred 12-hour time
frame within which to be contacted (in order to get a higher
response rate from the participants)
Within-person analysis: states or events that vary over time (measured
at every beep)
o Mood State
o Alone or with others
Between-person analysis: traits or demographic variables (measured
once at the beginning of the trial)
o The BIG FIVE model
o Academic Major
Dependent Variable: are you doing something creative?
o The definition of creativity is not operationally defined
People said that they were doing something creative 1/5th of the time
Mood: Happy, active- significant (and stable) predictors of creativity
Openness to experience, consciencousness, Arts major, BICB (Which still
holds when accounting for the other variables)
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