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Lecture 1

PSYC 3550 Lecture 1: The Creative Spirit VIdeo

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PSYC 3550
Igor Kusyszyn

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PSYC 3550 Video – The Creative Spirit
4 creativity killers:
1. Surveillance –constantly watching kids
2. Evaluation –getting kids to worry about being judged
3. Reward –making kids believe that everything they do is just for a prize
4. Competition –making kids feel that they are in a win/lose situation with
each other
Must let kids relax and express themselves creatively
Importance of hands on experience is that we learn something on our own action
Put the media in the hands of a child and the child is in control
Art can help be a form of freedom of expression
Kids engage in passive activities instead of active
Playing with clay shows children they can reshape it but it is still the same piece
of clay
We must be scanning the world constantly for models
Playing in the flowers in the field and dress up as a zebra –working together to
produce something that is creative
Paining allows the child to use a simple instrument and create an orchestra of
colours and images
Need to have:
1. Intrinsic motivation –motivation to do something because you find it fun,
personal, fulfilling, a sense of passion for what you’re doing. It encourages
creativity because it allows people to explore
2. A driving force
3. Skills to know how to do it
You can see creativity in almost any activity – i.e. a cook in her kitchen, a worker
laying bricks devising a plan for using less bricks
Labor of love principle – most successful scientists are the ones that are curious
Creative Ways of Thinking:
1. Spatial intelligence is an area someone can be creative in – i.e. building
blocks to manipulate the whole
2. Logical Mathematics is another creative area
3. Music is another creative area (similar to language)
4. Bodily kinesthetic –being able to use your body to solve a problem. I.e. in
actors, dancers, surgeons.
5. Interpersonal strength –how to deal with other people and work with them
and motivate them. I.e. therapists, sales person, ghandi
6. Introversion understanding –self knowledge and understanding
Cant ignore an area od strength
Problem solving helps with creativity
Learning is only a delight if students can work in an area they have strengths as
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