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Lecture 1 - Definition of Family

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York University
PSYC 3630
Erin Ross

Lecture 1 1 Jan 3rd, 2011 Most - Nuclear family with offspring 1 generation parent with 1 generation child - Nuclear family 1 child with 1 non-residential family member - Divorced sole female parent with 1 child Least - Ex-spose - Childless same-sex couple - Fictive kin = Mom and close friend, and child - Heterosexual couple divorced, with child Definition of Family Lamanna: - Same-sex or opposite-sex in romantic relationship - Financial, materialistic – providing value (education, shelter) to the best of their ability - Family takes care of members - Boomerang child: moves back in with parent (ended relationship and have nowhere to go) o Economic and identity relationship as part of a family Stats Can: Census Family - Offspring living with parents - Lone parent, with child still living with that parent - Living in the same dwelling - Children by birth / marriage / adoption - Regardless of age/marital status, they live in the same dwelling - Don’t count inter-generational families o Mom  daughter/boyfriend  daughter  Mom living with the census family o Grandparents  mom&boyfriend  kid  2 census families  1) grandparents  2) mom&boyfriend  kid Economic Family - Grandma  mom  daughter is an economic family - Broader = you get intergenerational relationships The Vanier Institute of the Family - 2+ more people, bounded together by mutual consent, birth, adoption, placement - Social control the members of the family - Consume goods/services
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