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Child Development - Chapter 5 -Notes.docx

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PSYC 4010
Tifrah Warner

Child Development: Thinking about Theories Chapter 5 – pg 80-96 – From Oedipus to attachment: the Freudian legacy Freud’s theory of child development  Id, ego and superego  Stage of development: oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital – psychosexual  Genetic (by Freud) = ontogenic or epigenic  Oedipal theory = the skeleton of psychoanalytic model  Electra complex = female equivalent  Fisher and Greenberg found evidence of the castration anxiety and the penis-baby equation  Major development in theories – attachment and loss, psychoanalytic approach to child therapy Erik Erikson  Psychosocial Object relations  Melanie Klein  Object = love thing or person  Fear of death = cause of anxiety  Winnicott = attachment to inanimate objects  Subjectivity to objectivity  Theory: forming a bridge between Freudian theory and family theory = interrelationships between family members Maternal deprivation  Rene Spitz  Survival, adaptation and evolution  Goldfarb – development between two groups  Early deprivation could have long-lasting effects Attachment theory  John Bowlby – external influences are emphasized over internal influences as a source of a child’s emotional problems  Importance of early family relationships  Affectional bonds  Basic tenets – healthy mental development of a young child was dependent upon an ongoing warm, intimate relationship with the mother; mother = child’s superego and ego  Working models of the self and attachment figures – the child develops internal
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