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Lecture 4

Week 4 - The Blank Slate Falls

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PSYC 4010
Scott Adler

ProjectAnotB Piagetian testo Take an older infant present something toy to them and hide it somewhere and they find it where you hid it o If you hide the toy again in another location the infant tries to find it at the first place o Used to measure the level of autism Purpose of project o Have access to very young children 23 children around 1 year old a bit older o Hypothesis o Method o Testingo Graph the data think about how to present the dataINDIVIDUALLY o Write 2 pages summary of your projectfinding o The issue of A not B the hypothesis this is what we did this is what we found PinkerThe Blank Slate Falls PreviousDiscussion included a separation of mind and body o The body is in a blank slate written into it by the mind and experiences o Behaviourists never considered mindbrain they focused on pure experiencestimulusresponse This was true even of the behaviourists o Noble savagewe are born innocent evil stuff gets written on us through experience Now th Starting in the 20 century o Unification of mind and physical attributes o Mind and thinking were part of the body based on the function of a brain o Last decade was called the Decade of the Brain o MRICT scanimage brain waves measuresee brains functioning o Which area of brain lights up based on the social situation or behaviourBlank Slate Problems Image of the brain correlated to cognitiveperceptualsocial taskNo longer an illusion ghost in a machine1 Mental world can be put into physical terms working on the brain Mental ComputationHowever we now know that beliefs and thoughts are due to info computationModel how info gets computed analyzed accessed produce some type of outputCompuet feedback via discrepancy of goal ter starts off with a set of rules to begin with o It doesnt start blanko This resides in the patterns of activity and structure of brain
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