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behaviour modification chapter 9

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PSYC 4050
Diane Lawless

1Chapter 9 Behaviour Modificationy Exposure Therapy Exposure therapyused to treat anxiety fear negative emotional reactions by exposing clients under safe conditions to the soliciting itemsAnxiety is problematic when its intensity is disproportionate to the actual situation and it interferes with normal everyday functioningMost prevalent disorders in US 2442 suffer in lifetime 18 in a yr y Variations of exposure therapy o 1 Paradigm of exposure Brief and graduated exposure therapyexposes the client to threatening events for short time incrementallyGraduated exposure is a prime example of the stepwise progression that characterizes many behaviour therapy proceduresProlonged and intense exposure therapyexposes client to threatening events for a lengthy period and at a high intensity from the outset o 2 Mode of exposurecan occur in 4 ways that fall on a continuumOne end is in vivo exposureactual encounteringOther is imaginable exposure vivid imaging the event as one does in a daydreamVirtual reality now allows close to the in vivo experienceVerbal descriptions closer to the imaginable side o 3 Additional proceduresexposure may use one or more of the followingCompeting responseduring exposure client engages in a behaviour that competes with anxiety such as relaxing muscles while visualising an anxiety evoking eventResponse preventionduring treatment client kept from their maladaptive avoidance behavioursExaggerated scenesheighten the intensity or vividness of imaginable exposure the deception of the event may be exaggerated y Imagine being on a plane alone or many spiders o 4 Administering exposuretherapist administered or self managed by client out of session
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