PSYC 4061 Lecture 3: Lecture 3

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7 Aug 2016
July 5, 2016 - Lecture 3
Becoming a counsellor involves:
1. dealing with anxiety
2. making a commitment, to the profession and the client – no money in this profession
3. striving for excellence
4. adopting a neutral posture – be neutral to the best of your ability (Freud believed this)
5. subjugating personal needs – cannot be egocentric in the office
6. coping with discomfort - such as client outbursts (due to transference)
7. help clients deal with grief or loss – need to help yourself before you help others
8. dealing with ambiguity – unlike the hard sciences, psychology is mostly gray; need to learn to
deal with this perpetual ambiguity
*best thing you can do is get a good supervisor who can help you navigate the above*
A set of generic intervention skills – apply regardless of work setting, theoretical orientation, training
program, or client population:
self-disclosure – sharing aspects of the self to deepen the relationship and facilitate movement.
oUsed to think something was wrong with client who asked something personal about
therapist, but this distancing strategy is now considered obsolete. Self-disclosure is okay
when done at the right time, to the right depth (limited), and will be beneficial to the
oexample: long-time client came in, noticed Ami was tired and inquired about it, and
when he admitted he was tired she only talked about the weather so as not to bother
confrontation – inviting a person to examine discrepancies between personal behaviours and
their consequences.
opoint out inconsistencies and address them, such as client who smiled while talking
about mom’s injury
active listening – attending to all the messages, both verbal and nonverbal elements
communicated by the client
oclient can talk his or her heart out but if you do not actively listen and respond, client
will not know if you are truly paying attention
goal setting – appropriate in behavioural therapy, when addressing issue with action.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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