PSYC 4061 Lecture 6: Lecture 6

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7 Aug 2016
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July 14 – Lecture 6
Why do people become therapists?
1. to make money
2. to help others
3. to help themselves
Model of psychotherapy:
oownership – own the problem in therapy instead of blaming others
therapy is acquiring choice
people always talk about themselves and what is important to them if you give them the
To offer or not offer therapy:
oareas of specialty and training – big no-no to treat someone you are not trained to
teach, such as children when you are trained to work with adults
oproblems/populations we cannot work with– such as Multiple Personality Disorder,
which is very hard to work with
oclient under legal age or feeble minded – need permission from guardian
ochallenging groups to treat – for example schizophrenics
Initiating therapy: (Ami’s approach)
otell the client about self and personal experience
oexplaining how they will work together
oLangs: without memory, desire, or understanding
owhat do we do with our values? separate person from what they did that got them into
otherapy as a microcosm of reality
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othe importance of therapeutic relations
othe promise and the threat of psychotherapy – be where client is at
oboth participants will be influenced by therapy
oingredients of a good therapeutic relationship:
unconditional positive regard
authenticity & empathy
othe therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance
opower inequality in therapy
client is usually lonely or a bit of a mess and the therapist appears to have
everything under control
cannot cancel this inequality, but do not misuse it!
sometimes can use this power positively to direct the client if you have a good
opsychotherapy is more and less than regular friendly relations
oCashtan’s stages of the developing relationship
data gathering
risky revealing
intimacy and sexuality
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