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York University
Public Policy and Administration Studies
PPAS 2110
Peter Constantinou

PPAS 2110 Canadian Government March 5, 2014 Public Administration - Government is full of people trying to do things on competing ideas to improve society - Ideology of the West = focus on the individual, and that anyone can succeed if they work hard, and society should focus on the individual - The state should be part of society’s problems - Self-interest is powerful (due to greed) - OPS policy and delivery ^ come up with solutions ^ the policy making cycle Policy Instruments - Policy tools - Governing instruments - Means or devices governments have at their disposal for implementing policies and any among which they must select in formulating policy - Private behavior – all about self-regulations, awareness (eg: ads on tobacco packages) Politics about - Pictures, images, ideas, competing visions, parties, individual Different Cultures - Witten word vs. images and feelings - ^ civil service is all WRITTEN DOWN (eg, policies, memos) - ^ politicians are about SPOKEN WORDS (images, pictures, ideas) Public administration is … - Field of study (academic discipline) and field of practice (occupation or career choice) - Interdisciplinary field which borrows from: law, politics, sociology, communications, economics, psychology – basically can understand each field, and not specifically an expert of one field Woodrow Wilson - Idea of science of administration What is public sector? - Develop and implement policies, and protect public interest, solve societal problems, pass laws and regulate,
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