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Public Policy and Administration Studies
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PPAS 2200
Khashayar Hooshiyar

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PPAS 2200 Lecture 3 Basic Constitutional Principles and Constitutional law - Have central and local: federation of government (the division of power) - Positive view: federal position of government so that everyone has a say, what their territory needs, more efficient when dealing with different ethnic groups when governing a large land - ^ representation of diversities and needs ** - Britain is a unitary state Constitutional History - The French colonial system - Prior 1663, French colonies in north America were under control of chartered companies - Many issues, because it is fairly new nation (1 feature) - Used to be a colony, but other people coming to Canada {invading and taking over and establishing particular institutions many used for European government} (2 feature) - Vikings came, but did not stay for long th - ^ took about 5 centuries for other Europeans to come to Canada, around 16 century is the beginning of colonization of Canada through France - Prior to 1663, these settlers were not controlled by France, rather charter of companies coming to Canada, and these companies had particular geographic political aspect of their existence, and interest in economic activities, and start of marketism (practice of nation estate, in Europe) - Capitalism = system of accumulation of wealth, as a means of accumulating wealth * started in Italy around 14-15 century, and came fully in act in Britain - ^ the beginning of capitalism, forming the political character - nationistic = forming a nation, needed money to establish a strong state, and institutions, foundation of new estate, labour, resources, and which is why it was the result of colonialism - Therefore they used their power to take control of countries, therefore, Canada was colonialized - Estate of nature then Slavery then Feudalism then capitalism *** - After 1663, we see direct colonial rule* - 1663: France took over direction control of its N.A.C and uncodified Countume de paris became civil law of new france - Then another war in Europe, fighting over their own nation, prior to Britain has the main power th - ^ France lost its North America territories to Britain during 18 century - France took over and lost its territories to Britain - Treaty of Utrech * - Royal Proclamation Act of 1763 – aimed at making English the official language of all its territories but tolerating French through government conduct (government was conducted in French)* Problem was that upper Canada majority were French – language, culture (anything subjective = religion, politics) to expand British rule, cannot colonize for the sake of power, but for something tangible (resources, people) - Quebec Act of 1774 – introduces some form of government, more bureraticization, and allow catholics to run law, - ^ beginning where Britain asserts its power through oppression, they tried to do this
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