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Public Policy and Administration Studies
PPAS 3136
Sirvan Karimi

Civil liberties can be classified into 3 categories 1- Political civil liberties: refers to freedom of religion, political freedom (right to vote, right to run for political office) 2- Legal civil liberties: refers to those that are entrenched in section 7-14 in charter – protects individuals from arrests, detention – protects individuals whenever they come in contact with the CJS 3- Egalitarian civil liberties: refers to equality rights to access to employments, accommodations, and to not be subjected to discrimination - equality before, under the law and equal protection and benefit of the law In respect to Canada… 4- Languages rights (have two languages – French and English) 5 - Educational rights (right given to have separate schools) Evolution of Rights Most civil liberties were given in the 18 century – related to freedom of religion, speech were the first given to individuals – only set the segment of right to vote but no other political civil liberties Comprehensive in 19 century – when more political rights were given Social rights: have positive rights (the right to… ex. Health care, social assistance, and education) negative rights would be (freedom from… ex. state oppressions, restrictions) – social rights are not entrenched in the constitution (cannot find and clause that supports social rights) - social rights is established for 20 century Collective goods that are being pursued but limits individual liberties: environment of protections, house protections, national security, social solidarities (ex. Someone being deported which is against an individual right but the collective good would be national security) – when talking about civil liberties doesn’t mean unlimited freedom but it is a compromise with society 1982 entrenched charter in constitution – right can be protected through by entrenching charter or through convention it can be
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