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Lecture 7

REI 3350 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Islamic Feminism, Taylor Report, Liberalism And Progressivism Within Islam

2 pages95 viewsWinter 2015

Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity
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REI 3350
Ramin Jahanbelgloo

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November 6, 2014: Canada: From Multiculturalism to Reasonable Accommodation
Podcasts: On Being a Muslim in the West, Ideas, part 1 and 2.
-europeans wouldnt have accepted amount of mosques in europe now
-europe cant be the same with such different people in it
-multiculturalism in britian is a failure because it allows some muslims to live serpent lives apart from
-canada shira allah
-muslims have nothing to offer but their past— their values
-1949 krachi born
-creation of Pakistan and freedom of india
-multi-religious city
-1960s islamism
-islamic states fail
-pursue a state of islam rather than a islam state
-islamic state is more politics
-prophet asked for a state of islam — 5 pillars: believe in god, believe in muhammad as his messenger,
go for haige, pay wealth tax, perform your prayers
-all ur brothers are part of ur ummah—-community
-any law that cannot be changed is a dictate—not a law
-place of worship cant be of jihad
-place of god cant be place that asks for murder of civilization
-cosmic war is a religious war
-war on earth and haven and god is engaged directly on one side
-cosmic war can only be won in the heavens
-war on terror
-christian nationalist—laws should be changed to reflect christian ideals
-religion holds the most currency
-islam against american values / christian values
-you will have different Europe because evolution
-homogenous white europe outta ww2 is the europe that should exist forever is the white’s belief
-pluralistic islam
-muslim identity — how muslim you are
-moderate islam is the exception to the rule and radicals are the usual — ideology of society
-jihad is a social movement — common sense of grievances —suffering of palsitians, lack of religious
and political and economic development in middle east
-harvard—if you state belief in god its seen as intellectual weakness
-niqab — negative perspective in western society by thinking its forced and must explain why they
chose to wear it —constantly defend themselves (last 10 minutes of podcast)
-mark of separation
-european nations invited muslim as guest workers—-never welcomed to actually stay
-limits of acceptance towards multicultural values and women
-others cannot decide if they're muslim enough and if they are with them or a terrorist
-struggle for soul of islam
-program to advance the rights of islamic women
-human rights with quranic rights help people understand
-sometimes custom is believed to be religious practice
-violence against women
-some words have multiple meaning —could mean beat or just walk away
-muslim women who want to be divorced should not be harmed
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