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Science. Technology Studies

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Science and Technology Studies
STS 2411

Week 14- Labinger and Collins, “introduction ‘ the science wars’ and the 2 cultures” (1-6) , Hernstein-Smith, “Unloading the Self-Refutation Charge” (73-87) Science Wars- Lecture notes - set of debates that took place 10-15 years ago. The Sokal Hoax - published an article: ‘Transgressing the boundaries’ in a science wars, theme issue of Social Text. - The article is a theoretical attempt to connect his work with.. - He reveals a month later that it was all bullshit and the New York Times didn’t even notice. - He was attempting to say that STS scientists didn’t have enough knowledge. And as well as the standards of the journals, that should have caught the nonsense he wrote. - Post-modern philosophy of science is essentially just ‘anything goes’ nonsense. - Book: Higher Superstition: they argue that STS scientists and scholars are not really smart people who don’t know what they are talking abt. - Science wars (term) comes from Andrew Ross (editor of social text): are a second front opened up from a consecutive checked by the success of their legions in the holy culture wars. Seeking explanation for their loses of standing in the public’s eye and the decline in funding from the public purse, conservatives in the science joined the backlash against the (new) usual aspects , feminists and multiculturalists. - They say that students in their early years of education that is about ‘dead white males’ rather than issues like salvation and etc: Canon’s - Sokal publishes a book called: Fashionable nonsense. They try to follow up the concepts of social hoax. - He says that philosophers are using ‘famous concepts’ to mak
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