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SOSC 1000 - Labour & Globalization (Overview)

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Social Science
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SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

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PWC, KWS, BWA Post War Compromise (PWC) 1. Fordism – Stability to working class – Industrial & government relations 2. Keynesian – economic growth – government policy – Main St. 3. Welfare Citizenship – political, social rights, social safety net Keynesian Welfare State (KWS) -1945-1970 1. Investment remains private 2. Full employment 3. Social safety net – not dependent on employer 4. Rights for labour Bretton Woods Agreement (BWA) – 1944 Blueprint for a post-war world Creation of: 1. IMF (International Monetary Fund) – Short-term loans 2. World Bank 3. GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) 4. Fixed exchange rates based around US dollar ($35 per oz. of gold) American Capital Faces Crisis Oil Crisis, Profits decrease… American Capital faces serious problems 1971 – Nixon Shocks (In response) 1. 10% tariff on whatever enters USA 2. Value of American dollar no longer linked to gold, but determined by supply and demand. Floating exchange rates. 1973 – Beginnings of Neoliberal Globalization Capital is mobile, can travel national borders Can travel instantly (via computer technology) Gains power over government and labour 1980s Decrease labour mobility, increase capital mobility. – Bay St. over Main St. 1990s – Keynesianism under attack Fordism and Post Fordism Norms Fordism Post-Fordism Worker Male-semi-skilled-40h week Casual, flexible, part time Unskilled, young, female Labour Process Assembly line Work teams – enhanced productivity Outsourced labour Production Mass production for domestic Batch and niche productions to market (Scale) anticipate demand (Scope) Trade Tra
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