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Outline Question1: Why does McNeill prefer the term “Mythistory” to history? - What the definition of Mythistory? ( ex: history mixed with myths) - Provide some examples from McNeill’s article. -All human groups like to be flattered. History is written by historians in the way that people wish to be. Also some bad details can be ignored or skated over. Therefore, the history is mixed with true and false. -Historians hope their opinion is credible which makes people believe that. Those people who have the same opinions and assumptions will accept it. However, some people will not accept it because they might have different concepts and opinions. Therefore, they consider these historian opinions are mythical. Question2: What are his views on the functions of myth? -McNeill thinks that myths are based on faith more than on fact. The truth is usually proven only by the action they provoke. -Give some examples to prove the statement. Question 3: How does Zinn’s portrayal of
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