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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

My goal as the group leader is to engage the group members into a discussion and to encourage them to express their opinion. When in group, I will present a question and each participant will give his answer to the question. After each answer, group members will be asked to give a feedback. The first question will address the Glasbeek readings. I will first make sure that all participants are aware of what corporate form is and who owned Westray mine. Second, I will ask how this type of management influenced the events subsequent to the disaster. The second question will deal with Richard’s statement that Westray was a predictable tragedy. I will ask the group to describe the conditions in the mine prior to the disaster and explain how these events foretold what was to come. I will also ask the team to explain the meaning of an unpredictable disaster and express their opinion on whether any disaster could be preventable. The third question will inquire
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