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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Introduction to Social Science 1000 90 Thursday May 9 2013 Lecture 2 Introduction to the Course Essay TopicsNot to use anything other than the course material that is providedGet essay proof read beforeStaple the quiz to the back of the essayMust number the pageTitle Page needed must include TAs name title page name student number course name and code and date 8 Minute Documentary World PopulationFrom the year 2000 Limited space for crops etc we increase population but space is limited We depend on these places for survivalRoman Empire not much Golden Age of India not much Mayan Empire Rise of IslamViking ConquestsCrusadesMongols in ChinaDuring industrial age the heartbeat goes out of controlEstimated population reached One billion people 1830 Took 100 years until 1929 before the planet doubled that 1 billion reached 2 billion in1975 the two billion became 4 billion By 2000 reached 6 billionToday at 1130 population was 715 billion Middle of this century expected tohave 10 mill The global Village People dying going to warIf we took 7 billion people and reduced them to a village of 100 and gave them the same characteristics the 7 billion has 60 asians 15 africans 14 americans 11 europeans 22 muslims 14 hindus 12 will speak Chinese 5 spanish blah blahConsumers and CitizensBy Mark Sagoff Some regard ourselves as citizens as well as consumers Achieve whats best for the society Is what we want for ourselves as individuals consumers consistent what you want for the rest of the society Aristotle begins typologyIntroduction to Social ScienceIdeology and HistoryLecture 3May 14 2013 1 Ways of Seeing 2 Defining Ideology3 The Left Right Ideological Spectrum 4 The Liberal Debate 5 Conservative Revival 6 Strands of Socialism 7 Increasing Complexity8 Mythistory Columbus and The War Against The Indians McNeill ZinnRasky Siagan all ideas once they become dominant appear to be the right one We live in a bi polar worldProf Bell in 1960 wrote a book called the end of ideology which was very influential by 1960 according to bell we had sorted out the things that Marx and Hobbes and Locke and Rousseau were all talking about In a free world had a monopoly of common senseBehaviourism is a response to historical materialism Under behaviourism what it meant to be modern was to have a democratic system like the US claimed to be objective The era of cold war was highly charged ideology of discourse 1960 Daniel bell declaring the end of ideology1990 14 Magazine special issues we are at the end point of mankinds ideological evolution and have witnessed emergence of westernThe ideological battle was over 5 years later in Ontario we had a provincial electionbob ray the new democratsMr Harpers partythe common sense revolution claims in the editorial comments brought to election in OntarioRight way to do things ideologically speaking Governing isnt difficultshould balance budgetshould not be debts people should be independentwelfare makes them dependent Reverse discrimination promotes dependency 2013neighbours to the south Minnesota has decided to legalize same sex marriage there are some people who believe this is not common sense Debates about the global financial crisis prostitution and legalization of marijuana Are these things common senseslut walks Western worldPolitical systems could be parliamentary or presidential refers to the relationship between the branches of government and on the other side federal and unitary
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