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Ethics of Fieldwork & Study of Gangs Continuation of Feb. 7th note, as well as the introduction to Jankowski's material about gangs.

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Judith Adler Hellman

Feb 14 2011Part I The Ethics of Fieldwork ContdEthical IssuesDissimilation lying Is it ever acceptable to dissimilateRosenhan and his infiltration of pseudopatients into the hospital is this kind of lying justified by the need to study these large and impenetrable institutionsMoffat got the permission from the university before he did the study Rosenhan got the permission of the absolute head of the hospitals he was studying but no one under the head of the hospitals knew that he was infiltrating with false patientsPeople who are being tricked may or may not want to be studied in a certain way the students are happy to be studied because they feel special feel affirmed feel like somebodies there are even people who tell him things like their sexual adventures how they have cheated on a test and make racist comments in front of him why do they tell him these things Diceyness of studying these studentsSome studies cannot be conduct
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