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Gang Organization, Business, and Violence An outline of the first several chapters of Jankowski's book, including gang organization, gang business, gang ideology, and gang violence.

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Social Science
SOSC 1000
Judith Adler Hellman

Feb 28 2011Gang Organization Business and ViolenceJankowskis General Ideas about GangsLowincome communities would be organized in a Hobbsean point of viewthe condition of man is the condition of war Gangs exist in a state that is relatively nasty Characterization of New York as being a junglematerial deprivation poverty creates a potentially violent social conditiono StructureAgency culture ethnicity factor into structure and agencyDefiant IndividualNeed to account for variation within the structure if the structure were to be the only determinant factor wouldnt all the gangs look the same New variables that sit below the economic structure Most specifically the introduction of culture and ethnicityoA certain structure leads to the Defiant IndividualoThe characteristics of the organizationCompetitivenessMistrustSelfRelianceSocial Isolation island in the street not the gang but the gang memberSurvival InstinctSocial Darwinist Worldview they must behave in this manner because everyone around them must behave this wayDefiant Character everything becomes a potential confrontationThe structurebehaviour of the gangs and gang members are culturally specific reactions to the structural pressures that the outside society puts on themGang OrganizationAnalysis of gang organization encounters a gang paradox something about them just does not make senseoThe characteristics described above summarize a person who is antisocial the gang is an organization of people who do not want to be organizedoGang structuresVerticalhierarchicalPresident prime minister some kind of cabinet
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