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James Bay Part 2 A continuation of the James Bay movie, The Wind That Keeps On Blowing, along with current news of the James Bay Phase II

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York University
Social Science
SOSC 1000
Terry Conlin

Social Science W5 Feb 111 James Bay Project ContIndigenous people are trying to preserve their culture and traditionThe others saw this change as a positive a chance for the Cree to join Americanization After leaving Fort George o They were exposed to alcoholo Stopped hunting just stayed in the mallThe Indigenous people find it very unfair o The white man wont stopo He does not own their land o If they did what he has done they would be thrown to jail why isnt heHydro Quebec wants to build a dam o If so the indigenous peoples highway will be destroyedHunting camps shared by the Cree and the Inuit o After the project the area will be covered with roads and airportsThe Indigenous refuse to give up their culture they wish their children would learn their ancestors waysThe James Bay is linked to the Hudson Bay o A new project can cause critical results o They cannot be seen as individual projects but rather projects following one anotherThe Hudson Bay animals need the fresh water flow from James Bay it is uncertain what changes will affect these animals until the damage is doneLike Le Grande Reservoir the other reservoirs will also become wastelandsThe main power will be buried under land o All these ponds will be populated by infected fisheswhen they divert a riv
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